ICT Strategy

Sharpmist helps organizations identify how technology can fuel economic growth. An explicit ICT strategy will improve the efficiency of the company’s spending on technology; how the organization’s customers and employees exploit technologies to create value for the organization; and lead to the full integration of technology-related decisions with the company’s strategies and operating plans.

Our ICT Strategy services focus on creating innovative and practical ICT strategies to support the business, and defining and implementing the processes required to execute that strategy. We work with business leaders to plan and deploy the technology agenda and position the ICT organization with other function of the business.

As part of that work, we help clients:

  • Align their business and ICT priorities to move the business forward,

  • Develop automation and control to improve the operations and processes of the business and make the organization more effective and efficient,

  • Explore business opportunities enabled by technology innovation to grow the business, and

  • Build the infrastructure for the proposed ICT capabilities.